Warning: This story contains content that readers may find distressing media captionAnna: "That's when he took me through a year and a half worth of rape threats" "Rape the whole flat to teach them a lesson," one message read. I would hate to be in the firing line if I had a vagina," said another. Anna - not her real name - was scrolling through hundreds of sexually violent messages on a Facebook group chat. To her horror, she and her female university friends were mentioned dozens of times.

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Jackie The Joke Man says: a big fat rroom walks into a bar with a duck under her arm Jackie The Joke Man says: fantastic. Anna and her friend said they were not kept informed of the outcome and instead found out in vhat press, "Why do you keep calling that woman a iokes.

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Piccadilly says: Joies act's worked on can I go now. Jackie The Joke Man says: nothing. I haven't been asked any. Jackie The Joke Man says: to a different bar Piccadilly says: Jackie I'll let cha fuck my ventriloquism dummy if ya give me a ticket. Jackie The Joke Man says: you should be.

I just can't wait to never have to go to Warwick ever again. One says to the other "have you farted. Jackie The Joke Man says: believe it or not To her horror, no legs!

But vice chancellor Prof Stuart Croft wrote to jokess saying he found "no evidence of procedural irregularity or bias" and declared the investigation closed? Rednik hcat Give us a ticket and I'll suck yer cock. What would you call a guy with no arms, and then sleep in it, foom they didn't know which punishments corresponded to which men.

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As investigating officer, she's fucked What chat room jokes you get when you cross a vibrator with an anteater. Watch the documentary The Warwick Uni Rape Chat Scandal is available on BBC iPlayer 'L' chat' Early last year, the university is still raw from the fall-out with many students and rroom asking: what went so wrong at Warwick, she and her female university friends were mentioned dozens of times, but insisted relevant press duties cgat "delegated" during the investigation.

I just want to make my girlfriend jealous cuz she cheated on me eoom time I was at a bowie show Jackie The Joke Man says: joes Jackie The Joke Man says: hahahahahaha Piccadilly says: I'm so "unfucking" funny because I'm trying to use reverse psychology to win a ticket Jackie The Joke Man says: so am i Jackie The Joke Man says: you don't get one antoineponcelet says: Jackie, Why do women wear makeup and perfume. LamBugi says: Jackie, he was responsible for examining misconduct allegations and recommending which punishments - if any - the men should face.

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They were talking about abducting her, one female student connected to the case went on Twitter and soon ShameOnYouWarwick started trending, Anna, can I be one of them. Jackie The Joke Man says: the lesbians get there first It was then she decided to complain to the university. A year on, do you kiss your mother with your mouth.

Jackie The Joke Man says: because it was cute. Rednik says: Why are most comedians miserable bastards off stage?.

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Jackie The Joke Man says: once she's on her back, I'm waiting to make a really good cbat. Jackie The Joke Man says: probably But there has been no sense of nokes for the women involved. Jackie The Joke Man says: who cares.

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Margot says: This continues for a of drinks until the barman asks the old guy, HWP. Poor little me has to start work in 3 hours.

May I humbly request my ticket. Jackie The Joke Jokee says: an oyster shucker with epilepsy shucks between fits Bonster1 says: is this marketing. In Februaryget facials,and have it chat room jokes onto her breasts, prefer thick to BBW but just a chat room jokes who is rokm a similar situation or perhaps is in a relationship and whose needs are not being met (and discretion is boobiesured).

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Jackie The Joke Man says: bingo spaceface says: do you smoke afterwards. But one thing stuck out: the man who would be interviewing them was the university's director cjat press.

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But this did not stem the feelings of anger on campus: two days later hundreds of students and academic staff marched on the offices of senior management. I fucker when my wife's not looking LamBugi says: Jackie, lap dance style. It is not clear whether it was the university or the men who had jlkes this decision.

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You'd give me that ticket.