Hotel maid hopes i cash in on couture Lady Gaga gown Read full article Stephanie Pagones October 28,PM A loaner couture Valentino gown that Lady Gaga wore to her award-winning night at the Golden Globes — and apparently left behind in her hotel room — is up for auction after the dress was discovered by a housekeeper tasked with cleaning the superstar's hotel room, but the item, which should have been returned, was reported missing by the deer's company just days ago, according to officials and a TMZ report. The woman, year hotel employee Sara Corea, turned the gown over to lost and found, she said according to a letter of authenticity. Cops are not investigating the item as stolen, the police spokesperson said, noting that the filing was merely an incident report to reflect that the item could not be located at the time. On Sept.

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Nsa fun in my hotel room tonight

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Nsa fun in my hotel room tonight

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Nsa fun in my hotel room tonight

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Nsa fun in my hotel room tonight

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